Amalgam Free Fillings

Mercury-Free Tooth Fillings

We offer the latest technology, comfort, and care with our refusal of amalgam fillings. Our composite material is safe and efficient for all tooth fillings and tooth types.

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Tooth Fillings in Richmond, Texas

Tooth Fillings: An Overview

Our team begins by numbing the area that will be receiving the mercury free tooth filling. We then work to remove any decay from the area and prepare the tooth for the new filling.

We fill any hole in the tooth, and the composite resin is then placed in and smoothed out. The tooth is then cured and set in place so it cannot move, and you are good to go! The procedure takes little time to do, and we give you optimal care and comfort during the entirety of the procedure.

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Kicking Cavities Out

What is a Tooth Filling?

Mercury-free tooth fillings are the best option in modern dental health. They are easier to repair in comparison to the previously used amalgam fillings, and they are much safer for you while lasting longer than silver fillings.

Dental fillings are designed to replace areas in a tooth that are filled with decay. When you have a cavity, our team will get the cavity out and fill it with mercury-free resin to avoid any future cavities.

It is essential that if you have any cavities to get them removed, and then have a tooth filling supplemented to stop any future decay spread.

Our mercury free fillings are assembled almost identically to previous amalgam fillings; however, they provide a safe alternative for your dental health. In addition, our mercury free tooth fillings are safe for the environment. Hence, giving you a healthier dental record while allowing you to contribute to the environment.

Get Your Smile Back

Why are Tooth Fillings Needed?

In most instances, a tooth filling is needed because you have a cavity. Our team carefully removes any decay from your tooth, and then places the filling in the tooth. We recommend that if you see a cavity, to schedule with us immediately.

By filling any holes within your teeth, you can avoid problems including:

  • Having bigger cavities
  • Needing a larger tooth filling
  • Getting a root canal
  • Having decay in your mouth
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Discoloration of your teeth

If you believe you may have a cavity, are experiencing tooth pain, or notice any black, brown, or bright white discoloration on your teeth, schedule an appointment with us today so we can get you the dream smile you deserve!

A Healthy Solution For All

Who Needs Tooth Fillings?

Mercury-free tooth fillings can be used in all ages as they are essential in stopping the spread of tooth decay and preventing future dental issues. However, if you notice a hole in your tooth or a cavity, it is highly recommended to see us to discuss your options.

In addition, if you have previously had a silver filling or mercury filling, we recommend having it replaced with a mercury free tooth filling. Silver fillings can break rather rapidly over time with your tooth. This can lead to pain, complications, and the need for more extensive dental treatment.

Regardless of your circumstance, we recommend having your mouth examined if you have previously had a silver filling, are currently experiencing tooth pain, or are concerned with the possibility of a cavity.


Dream Smiles is Your Solution

How We Can Help

At Dream Smiles Dental, we want you to have the most optimal and modernized options for your dental health. Whether you are questioning if a new cavity arose, or you previously had a silver filling placed on your tooth, we have options for you that are mercury free including porcelain inlays, onlays, or crowns.

We use mercury free composite fillings that can easily replace previous silver fillings and help to stop future spread of cavities, while placing them in a way that naturally represents your smile.

Our comfort and care to our patients is emphasized within all of our services. We want to give you the beautiful and comfortable smile you deserve. Schedule with us today for your free consultation so we can get your mercury free tooth fillings resolved.

Dr. Natalie Diangani, D.D.S.

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