Dental Implants in Richmond, Texas

Dental Implants: An Overview

Dental implants are placed by using a titanium post that is then sealed with a natural abutment and crown. Dental implants work to save broken or missing teeth gaps within your mouth.

Tooth implants act as your own teeth. They are embedded into your jawbone just as your natural tooth once was. Having dental implants allows you to have the natural feel and look of your original smile, while providing comfort and care to your mouth. Our dream team ensures that you will leave our office feeling more confident than ever after your dental implant procedure.

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Replacing Missing Teeth

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are designed to replace any missing teeth in your smile. They also work to give you a youthful look by improving your lip support. They are a reliable long-term solution for people who suffer from missing teeth, falling teeth, or severe dental issues.

Dream Smiles Dental fuses your dental implant using a titanium implant fixture, which over time fuses to the living bone cells in your jaw. Essentially, your dental implant becomes a replacement of your missing tooth or teeth!

It is essential that if you have any missing teeth, to have the empty space examined and filled to avoid any other future dental problems. Dental implants stop the potential problems of your jaw shifting, severe pain when chewing, and provide you with the dream smile you have always wanted.

Our dental implants are placed in the most secure and efficient way. We follow the aspect of providing you with the implant, the abutment, and then the crown to ensure your dental implant is secure for a long time. We ensure absolute comfort and care within our dental implant procedure, and strive to give you the smile you always wanted.

Fill The Gaps In Your Smile

Why are Dental Implants Needed?

When you have a missing tooth or missing teeth and do not get it resolved, it can affect the overall health of your mouth. By not getting your missing tooth fixed, it can result in a variety of issues. We recommend that if you have any missing teeth, to schedule with us immediately.

By filling any gaps within your teeth and getting implants, you can avoid problems including:

  • Shifts in your bite
  • The shape of your face changing
  • Your teeth shifting
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth grinding
  • Difficulty chewing

If you have any missing teeth, are experiencing tooth pain, or notice your face shape changing, schedule an appointment with us today so we can get you the dream smile you deserve!

The Long Term Solution

Who Needs Dental Implants?

Dental implants are for individuals with missing teeth. This can occur at any age, but is commonly found in patients 50+. Regardless, missing teeth can completely shift your jaw in a way that can cause many other problems for your oral health and physical health. If you have any missing teeth, it is highly recommended to see us to discuss your options.

Not having missing teeth replaced can cause the longevity of your teeth to diminish. As your teeth form together to compensate for your missing teeth, your jaw, bite, and face will take affect rather quickly. It is extremely painful to live with missing teeth and will seriously affect your health.

Regardless of your circumstance, we recommend having your mouth examined if you are missing any teeth, are currently experiencing jaw pain, or are concerned with the shape of your face changing.


Dream Smiles is Your Solution

How We Can Help

At Dream Smiles Dental, we want you to have the most optimal and modernized options for your dental health. Whether you are questioning if your face changing shape is normal, or you recently noticed a missing tooth, we have options for you that are designed to be comfortable and provide the care you deserve with your dental implants.

We use titanium posts that allow a unique way to replace missing teeth and secure the dental implant in a variety of ways including with dental crowns or dental bridges. Our practice of dental implants places them in a way that naturally represents your smile.

Our comfort and care to our patients is emphasized within all of our services. We want to give you the beautiful and comfortable smile you deserve. Schedule with us today for your free consultation so we can get your dental implants placed and get you the dream smile you deserve.

Dr. Natalie Diangani, D.D.S.

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